I watched Going the Distance with my mom this evening and, omgawd, I didn’t know it was such a raunchy-funny kind of movie. Not in a bad way, because it really sent me reeling with laughter. The storyline is ‘meh’ — common and even overused — but if you want something for the laughs and will not be offended by raunchy jokes then there’s your chick-flick. It’s a feel-good movie with actors that look cute together. And it’s a movie I should have watched with my friends, not my mom, because of said jokes. Some of the characters were way too flat (Erin’s friends, especially) but the other supportive cast were more like the main source of comedy. I’m just bothered by the fact that the movie’s rated PG-13 in the Philippines but it’s rated R in the US. WTF? What kind of generation are we raising? Why’re our country’s standards different when we’re — le gasp — usually more conservative?

Personally, I don’t believe in long-distance relationships. Though I know people who keep one, and there’s this guy from my class before who apparently was in one for years, and they’re pretty successful with their relationship. Definitely better than some who don’t suffer any distance-related problems at all. I have friends in long-distance relationships and they’re still together. It seems only logical to believe it’s possible because, hey, I have people around me living out that possibility. But honestly, I personally find it hard to believe it will work and it’s something I’d avoid. I know it depends on the people involved but I’m too much of a realist. However, like a line from the movie, giving doubt the benefit of doubt, “is she the right girl?” (or in other cases, boy).